Drake OVO Sound – Lo-Fi Underwater Effect


The fastest way to achieve the Drake OVO underwater sound is to use a VST plugin called Decimort 2.  Decimort 2 will give you that Lo-Fi Effect that a lot of people are still using today.


You are going to drop down the Resample rate to 6000 Hz or until it sounds right to you.  This adjustment will give you an excellent little ringing sound that you would get from a bit Crusher.

Drake OVO Sound - Lo-Fi Underwater Effect-1


You’re going to activate your low pass filter And adjust your cut off to 372 Hz.

Drake OVO Sound - Lo-Fi Underwater Effect-2


The final step is to change your residence to about 33%.

Drake OVO Sound - Lo-Fi Underwater Effect-3


You can further adjustment your sound by degrading the Resolution.

Drake OVO Sound - Lo-Fi Underwater Effect-4


You can also apply the same technique to your drums as well.  Please share our blog post so we can help others.

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