How to become an author

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Only 4 Steps


1. Create your author account.

2. Add your images to your author page.

3. Download author image templates.

4. Submit your products, make sure to read the How To Below.

Note: Don’t use product box images.


Make sure to download your author templates


Are you ready?



Dropbox Upload Guide

If your product is over 100mb in size you will first need to upload the file to Dropbox and then use the Share Dropbox Link URL in place for the product File URL. We will then download the file and upload to our servers manually.

Setting up the Dropbox Pipeline

Step 01: Getting started ( If you haven’t installed dropbox already ) Head over to set up your free account and download the software via: Drop Box
An installer for your system will automatically start to download. Once it has downloaded, install it like you would any other piece of software. After Dropbox is installed, you’ll notice a new Dropbox folder on your hard drive.

Step 02: Setting up your Folder
Open your Dropbox folder and then add a new folder, called MAM_UserName.
With your MAM_UserName folder you should also add a new folder for each product you will be sharing with us.
As an example, your folders might look something like this:

  • Dropbox
    • MAM_FairestCasey
      • RealisticLives_preset.rar
      • TMinus_drumkit.7z

Step 03: Ready to Share
Once you have your product ready to share, first move the file into your Dropbox folder, then you can right click the file and choose Share Dropbox Link…
This will copy the Dropbox link into your clipboard and allow you to paste it into the product price and files field described below.

Step 04: Upload your Product
Once you’ve shared your product with us via Dropbox go ahead and submit it via the product submission area within your author account, when you get to the Product Price and Files form you will add your Dropbox share link into the file upload field.

Once your product has been reviewed and approved we will then upload the file to our servers and replace the dropbox link with a link to our server for you.
This whole process is meant to be as easy as it can be for you our Vendor and our team, if you need to use a different service than Dropbox for any reason please contact us and let us know.